Julia is incredibly adaptable, and has a writing style that speaks directly to her readers. I depended on Julia’s thoroughness, professionalism, calmness under pressure and good humour to help get me and the team through many difficult periods.

Her intellect has contributed much to the formulation of new projects, and she possesses that rare commodity of common sense in abundance. She’s also one of the most dependable and conscientious people I have ever worked with.

I have no hesitation in recommending Julia for any role she applies for.

Richard Ostroff
Publisher, MAG


Julia Gaw represents yet another success story of a young girl who starts in a publishing company as a junior receptionist, does the job with aplomb, moves into the editorial department, excels, develops and leaves us as a fully fledged writer and editor.

Julia was responsible for two of our most impressive books – the second edition of Handmade in Melbourne (a guide to artisans in Melbourne), and Foodies of the World, a hybrid between cookbook and guidebook.

Foodies of the World confirmed Julia’s capacity as one who can take an idea, work through a complex set of criteria, and produce a really impressive work, single-handedly.

She has a great work ethic, and fits into any group of workers at any level (as her pathway through The Slattery Media Group would suggest).

I am pleased to endorse her.

Geoff Slattery
CEO, The Slattery Media Group


Julia has a finely tuned sense of the difference between a good idea and the right idea, which is valued highly by me. Her writing ability, confidence and music industry understanding have all developed admirably in her time at MAG. As a deputy editor she has been a valuable resource because of her grounding in professional writing and editing, and as a colleague I strongly value her reliability, ‘can do’ attitude and input.

I thank Julia for her exceptional work on MAG and TechMAG. She added so much flair and character to it, and taught me so much.

Jonathan Alley
Editor, MAG

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