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Confessions of an e-shopaholic

Maybe I have a void that needs filling, maybe I just need to consume, maybe I have money to burn, or maybe I simply spend far too much time online – I certainly spend far too much money there.

I don’t know when it happened, at which point I was considered lost to the dark side, but there’s no going back. The thought of actually needing to walk into a shop, deal with live shop assistants, part with real money (not just visa debit numbers) and then carry my purchase home, fills me with dread. if a store doesn’t offer online facilities, I don’t shop there.

Now that I have built up a network of trusted sites, I buy everything online. I’m not exaggerating – everything. My christmas shopping was signed and sealed (not delivered) in one afternoon: travel books for a friend in Australia from The Book Depository (with free international shipping), a watch and long-sleeved tee for my boyfriend from Asos, a windowsill herb garden for my BFF from Plantabox, cookbooks for dad from Amazon, a digital photo frame for mum from Currys online, and something (OK, a few things) for myself from Anthropologie; plus personalised christmas cards from PhotoBox. Even a set of jars and gingham labels were purchased for my homemade onion chutney that – unlike my e-purchases – is yet to materialise. It’s the first time i’ve had Christmas shopping wrapped up (pun intended) before the first of December.

My fingers seem to accomplish many necessary (?) purchases, without much of a conscious thought. People worry about not having felt/seen/tried the item first, but these days virtual stores make it so easy to return items that no one should be deterred.

People may judge this as a lazy habit, but I don’t subscribe to the theory; I claim it has more to do with browsing at my leisure and without pressure to buy, to get to the shops within opening hours and to find everything I need in the space in which I have chosen to shop. Having said all that, I have recently begun considering my online habits as some kind of addiction that’s crept up on me like a pickpocket with his hand in my purse. And it’s certainly not helping my savings plan. Now at the start of a new year with a fresh start, I might need help… where shall I look to find it? Surely the internet will have some advice.

Sites of addiction:







and many many more.

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